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Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in Popup Books | 9 comments

Miracles of Jesus Pop-up Book

There is another Miracles of Jesus Pop-up book on this site. It is more accurately called That You May Believe. I made this one first for a Bible class. The other one was made for a VBS a couple of years later. They are slightly different because the VBS focused on the miracles found in the book of John but this book just has various miracles that Jesus did.

Before class have the page constructed (flaps in place, pieces cut out, etc) and let the child add the finishing touches. You don’t want to spend a lot of class time doing a task that is really too difficult for the child.

Miracles of Jesus front and back cover pdf

Jesus Feeds 5000 People pdf

These pictures were taken from Palma Smiley’s To Toddler’s With Love. It is a 3 part flap page. Lift the first flap to see the next part of the story.

Open the side flaps to reveal the last part of the story.

Student adds four baskets to the picture to finish out the 12 baskets that were left over after Jesus fed the 5000.

Jesus Heals A Lame Man pdf

You will need 2 small squares of fabric for this one. I found some that resembled a woven blanket that might would have been used at the time. Help the child glue the fabric to the flap and then the lame man on top.

Lift the flap and glue the healed man carrying his mat. It might be a good idea to glue the first one, then let it dry a little before gluing the other. Otherwise, it can get messy.

Jesus Calms The Storm pdf

The child places the sleeping “Jesus” in the boat and can then rock the boat in the waves.

Jesus wakes up (flip the figure around — it is two sided) and stands in the boat.

The sea calms on demand.

Jesus Heals The Blind Man pdf

This activity does not have anything for the child to add. It should be fully assembled before class. When the slide is pushed in all the way, the blind man appears to have mud on his eyes. Laminating the slide will make it easier to move in and out.

When the slide is pulled out, the mud is gone and the blind man can see.

Jesus Heals The 10 Lepers pdf

This is a flap page depicting the sick lepers before Jesus heals them.

Lift the flap and see the 9 lepers walking away. The child will glue in place the one leper that returned to thank Jesus.

Jesus Walks On The Water pdf

Another classic that I remember doing as a child. The child can help Jesus walk on the water by moving the tab below. Laminating the Jesus figure will help making it easier to move back and forth.

It will also make it easier if you cut out the figure and then laminate cutting the laminate with a smooth border around the figure. I hope that makes sense.

Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead pdf

Jesus stands before Lazarus’ tomb commanding him to come out.

Lift the flap and add Lazarus — alive and walking out of the tomb.

This song was written to be sung while doing this study. You can hear it here: What Is A Miracle?


  1. Wondering if you can give me unlocked versions so I can reorder pages. I want to align things better for printing back to front so there are less pages to print (we have a big class). Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for creating these to help teach the Word of God. We don’t use Bible class for coloring, so I’m thankful to have access to Biblically accurate but pretty take homes! Thank you.

  3. I love the fact that they are already coloured, perfect for preschoolers! I cringe when they have to be coloured cause it grates on my eyesight… And I want to keep it not throw it out :)

  4. Diana, would you be willing to remove the security passwords on these PDFs so that I can take the coloring off the page? My students are older, and we have a good bit of time for crafts. I would really like them to be able to color in their own pages, which I can do if I can strip out the color in Photoshop. However, your passwords make that impossible for me to do. Would you either be willing to remove the password or share the password with me, so that I can make this adorable activity work for my situation?

  5. Can you post blank uncolored pictures so the students can color them? So it is more of there work then somebody else?

    • Sorry but these books are not intended to be used as coloring sheets. I designed to allow the children to do a little something to them. We used them in class each week for reviewing the previous lessons. There are plenty of coloring sheets available that could be used in addition to these books.

  6. All of the pages to print are already colored – I thought it would be blank with just the picture so the kids can color it. Also it is very expensive to print color card stock for a whole class of kids. Any suggestions?

    • Sorry for the inconvenience. I know it can get expensive but these are not just coloring sheets. There are a lot of good coloring books available but these pages create a pop-up book that the kids will get to enjoy over and over.

      • They are wonderful – but there isn’t much to do on each page – coloring would add to what they can do. I am still going to use it. The best part about it is that the kids can look back at it over and over. Most crafts are tossed right in the trashcan – this is a keep sake. Thank you!


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