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For Women

For Women

Occasionally I am asked to teach a ladies’ class.  I usually find it easier if I write out my notes even if I don’t follow them precisely during class. I will include these here as they come up.  If we are using a study book for the lesson, I will try to include a link to the book so you can purchase it if you’re interested.

Once in a while I write something that has been weighing on my mind.  I will also include those here.  Feel free to comment on any of these.  I appreciate your input.

The Story of Two Pots of Stew — a parable
Behold, I Thought
That Endures Forever
Being A Mary In A Martha World
One Sweetly Solemn Thought
Shiphrah and Puah
The Grass Isn’t Always Greener
Copying Scripture
That’s Not How This Works
Is This All There Is?
Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Can Someone Who Commits Suicide Go To Heaven?
What Is Truth?
Changing Church
Preparing My Heart to Seek God
Are We Lights Shining In Babylon?
Lessons From Older Women
A Study Method For Marking Your Bible
Personal Bible Study
What About The Prom
Growing As We Wait
Singing and Sacrifices
Those Who Waited
What Would Mother Do?
She Hath Done What She Could
Putting On Love
Be Strong and Courageous Takes you to my other blog and opens and new window.

I have recently revived and done a face lift to a blog I started years ago. The blog was originally specific to home schooling but I wrote about other topics as well. I have a page devoted to articles I wrote that you might find interesting. You can find them here: From My Heart

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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