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Posted by on Aug 3, 2013 in Popup Books | 7 comments

Peter Pop-up Book

This pop-up book was used while teaching a pre-school class lessons about Peter. As with all the other pop-up books on this website, the pages can be used individually as take homes the day they are taught. I prefer to make them into a booklet that goes home at the end of the month. It can then be used as a tool for parents to review the lessons with their child.

Before class have the page constructed (flaps in place, pieces cut out, etc) and let the child add the finishing touches. You don’t want to spend a lot of class time doing a task that is really too difficult for the child.

Click picture for pdf of cover.

Jesus helps Peter and Andrew fish.

Child gets to put the fish in the net. To make the net, cut a square of netting and glue down on 3 sides.

Peter walks on water like Jesus.

This is very similar to the page in the Miracles of Jesus book where Jesus walked on water. This time though Peter is the one that the child can manipulate.

Be sure to laminate the Peter figure so it will slide around in the slot easily.

Peter denies Jesus 3 times.

This is a book within a book. The little book is just glued down in place. You can do this before passing this page out to the children or let them help you glue it down after they have finished it.

Each time Peter denies Jesus, he gets more and more angry.

I laminated the numbers with our cold laminator so there is laminate on top and sticky stuff on back — making a sticker. You could also just keep it plain cardstock and glue the numbers down.

Peter is saddened when he realizes what he has done.

Peter and the apostles speak in tongues.

The slide on this page creates a flame above the apostles as you slide it back and forth.

As with the other slides and figures, be sure to laminate this slide to make it easy to go back and forth.

Peter sees a vision.

Peter is shown a vision of clean and unclean animals.

The animals can be removed and placed back in the “sheet” as many times as the child wants.

Peter is arrested.
A pictorial tutorial illustrating how to make a the jail pop-up page.

Peter was arrested several times. The child will pace Peter in Jail. This one is a little difficult for them to do so be prepared to help out.

Don’t forget to put the child’s name on the back.


  1. Love your pop-up books. Do you have the black and white so the children can color them in themselves?

  2. For the “Peter Denies Jesus 3 Times” book, do you have a pdf file for the peter faces?

    • Nevermind. I finally got it to work. For some reason all the pages were showing up blank. I had to refresh download several times for it to work :/

  3. Fabulous. Thanks for share

  4. Thank God for your creative ideas. I will use it for my Sunday school kids the following months. I’m sure they’ll also love it and learn lots from it. Will feedback more after my lessons! God bless!

  5. Thank you so much for generously sharing your pop-up books. We do not use a commercial curriculum so finding take homes for the children can be a challenging task.

  6. Thanks!! this was a lifesaver for me. Great Idea


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