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Posted by on Apr 21, 2013 in Activities, Attendance Charts, Memory Work | 6 comments

A Tree Planted By The Water

I’m always looking for interactive wall decorations. I like the kind that gets more interesting as time goes on. We are using this one in my Bible class of early elementary students. It began in January as a winter tree — no leaves. The flowers had no petals. Now it is April. The flowers are in full bloom and the tree is beginning to put on some leaves.

The flowers are our attendance charts. Each time a student comes to class he adds a petal to the flower. I remember doing a flower similar to this in my first grade class at school. I don’t remember what the petals were for but I do remember that I had lots of them. These kids seem to be enjoying adding their petals as much as I did. You can easily tell which flowers belong to girls and which ones belong to boys.

The leaves on the tree are for the memory work. Each time a student memorizes a passage he writes his name and what it was he memorized on a leaf and adds it to the tree. Hopefully, by the end of the summer the tree will be full of beautiful green leaves. We may start adding apples at that point.

The reference to Psalm 1 on the wall — Like a tree planted by the water — is what I hope the children will remember about this. I hope that by coming to Bible class and by committing portions of God’s word to memory that they will become strong and productive like a tree planted by the water.


  1. hi, :) can you show me how i can make one that explains, ”JESUS WALKS ON WATER” for kids ages 4-12 please and i thank you in advance. :)

    • I would take a simple coloring page, blow up the key figures (Jesus, boat with apostles) and put them on a bulletin board with a background of water/sky/clouds. Here’s a link to a fairly simple coloring page although there might be a simpler one that would make your job easier: Jesus Walking On Water.

      If you are not studying this miracle in isolation, you could make a water scene but instead of having the figures in that one particular miracle use fairly large visuals (coloring pages work here as well) of the “water miracles” — Jesus walking on water, Peter walking on water, Jesus calms the storm, Jesus helps the apostles fish — “framed” and placed on the board randomly or in a straight line with something like “Jesus is Lord of the Sea” or Jesus Controls The Water” as a title.

      This coloring book is a good place to start: Thru-the-Bible Coloring Pages
      I hope this helps.

  2. Can you please direct me where you purchased your timeline? Or did you make it? I have been looking for a good timeline to put up in my room and I really like the looks of yours. So glad I have found your site!

  3. Hi Diana, Thank you for your fabulous site and for suggesting other sites you like – I love the Garden of Praise too.
    I am looking for songs that go with The Tale of Three Trees – a traditional Folktale – to make up my own Christmas Concert for pre school Sunday School kids. Please can you assist me? God Bless You – Dianne in South Africa

  4. Great idea! I love interactive bulletin boards!

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