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Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon On The Mount, as we refer to Matthew 5-7, is full of admonitions, encouraging words and beautiful teachings from the mouth of Jesus himself. What better way to spend time than to read, read, read and copy, copy, copy and memorize these 3 chapters. These words will be a storehouse of information and teachings to encourage for years to come. While the kids are memorizing it, be sure and memorize it yourself.

I helped my boys memorize these 3 chapters (we almost finished) while home schooling them. The layout very much like the I am… passages we’ve worked on as well. Instead of repeating the “how-tos”, I’ll let you visit that page and read the details.

I originally wanted my older boys (about 12 and 14 years old) to memorize the whole thing. We didn’t quite finish so I leave you stranded below. Sorry about that. As we were working on it, my 8 year old wanted to participate so I worked up a notebook for him using 6 of the passages I thought he would enjoy memorizing and taking the whole thing a little slower. Below, all the links are for the older kids unless it says “younger kids”.

Sermon On The Mount Cover

Matthew 5:3-12
The Beatitudes
The Beatitudes — Younger Kids
The Beatitudes — Activity

Matthew 5:13-16
Salt and Light
Salt and Light — Younger Kids
Salt and Light — Activity

Matthew 5:17-20
The Law Fulfilled

Matthew 5:21-26
Do Not Murder

Matthew 5:27-32

Matthew 5:33-37
Do Not Swear

Matthew 5:38-42
An Eye For An Eye

Matthew 5:43-48
Love Your Enemies

Matthew 6:1-4
Left Hand, Right Hand

Matthew 6:5-8
When You Pray

Matthew 6:9-15
The Lord’s Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer — Younger Kids
The Lord’s Prayer — Activity

Matthew 6:16-18

Matthew 6:19-21
Treasures In Heaven

Matthew 6:22-24
Good Eye/Bad Eye

Matthew 6:25-34
Do Not Worry
Do Not Worry — Younger Kids
Do Not Worry — Activity

Matthew 7:1-6
Judge Not

Matthew 7:7-12
Ask, Seek, Knock — Younger Kids

Matthew 7:24-27
Wise Man/Foolish Man — Younger Kids

I see I have 4 more to do. Get started with the ones above and hopefully I’ll have these finished when you get to them. Have fun!


  1. I am so pleased to have found your website! I am homeschooling our two daughters here in London, UK. Your resources will be so helpful….I love this copywork and also that it is in the version we use – the NKJV. Thank you and God bless you!

  2. thank you so much for sharing all this hard work! I am a pastor’s wife who was looking for Sermon on the Mount lessons for kids and found you through Google! I will be reading everything you’ve posted! Thank you for sharing your ministry! You do everything with an excellent spirit! Beautiful ideas and work!


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