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Posted by on Jan 16, 2017 in Teaching Tips | 2 comments

So You Want To Teach A Bible Class

So you want to teach a Bible class? Give me a few minutes and I’ll talk you out of it. Teaching Bible class is not for everyone. If you are considering teaching a Bible class, check out this list of must haves. If, after reading this list, you still want to teach a Bible class, you will be accepting a great responsibility and receive great rewards for all your hard work.

A Bible class teacher must…

…be more than just a warm body. There is so much more to teaching a Bible class than just showing up. Those children who come through your door are eager to learn. They will learn something no matter who their teacher is. If you show up without being prepared, they will have learned that God is not important to you.  Please don’t teach a Bible class if you aren’t prepared to do more than show up.

…love her students.  “I love kids!” you may say.  But do you really love your students?  Not just the cute, well-behaved kids, but all of them.  There are times those little cherubs are not so lovable.  A good teacher will love even those who are difficult to love.  Each child who walks through the classroom door must know that they are wanted.  They must know that the teacher can’t wait for them to get there.  Please don’t teach a Bible class if you don’t love your students.

…love God’s Word.  I’m pretty sure that most people who are thinking about teaching a Bible class love God’s Word but a teacher must have a desire to dig deeper into the Word.  Reading, studying, always wanting to learn more…those are things a good Bible class teacher enjoys.  Lessons for young Bible students are usually pretty basic.  It is possible to teach these lessons with just surface knowledge of the Bible but a good bible class teacher will not be satisfied with just surface knowledge.  She will want to increase her own faith by learning something new every time she teaches a lesson.  The more she learns, the more her love for God’s Word grows, the more she is able to inspire her students to want to learn more.  Please don’t teach a Bible class if you are not willing to spend time studying the lesson.

…spend time preparing.  It’s just an hour a week, right?  A good Bible class teacher knows that it takes a lot more than an hour a week.  It takes time to prepare the classroom, to study the lesson, to prepare appropriate activities, to pray for yourself, for your students and for their families.  Most of the time involved in teaching a Bible class is spent before the class ever starts.  The class itself is just part of the whole process.  Please don’t teach a Bible class if you are not willing to spend hours outside of class to prepare.

…be a good example.  Children are watching.   A good Bible class teacher will strive to be a good example to her students.  Not just during her “quarter to teach” but all the time.  Do your students see you enthusiastically worshiping…every time the door is open?  Do your students see you dressing modestly, not only in class, but at the grocery store, the ballpark, or the mall?  Do your students hear loving words coming from your mouth at all times?  Your students are learning from you even outside of the classroom.  Please don’t teach a Bible class if you are not a good example.

If after reading this and taking an honest look at yourself you still want to teach a Bible class, that’s wonderful!  We need good Bible class teachers who dedicate themselves to teaching others about our wonderful Creator.  I encourage you to seek out others who will encourage you to do the best job possible.  I encourage you to educate yourself, not only more about God’s Word but also how best to share His Word with others.  I encourage you to learn about the abilities of the age group you are teaching, about the best methods of teaching them and about appropriate activities to reinforce the concepts you are trying to teach.  I encourage you to pray to God for guidance and to meditate on His Word.  I want to thank you in advance for all the time and hard work you will be giving to these precious children.


  1. So true especially taking time to prepare even if it is only one child (especially one child because you will need more activities)

  2. Thank you, I shared this with others.

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