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Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Preschool Activities | 3 comments

Bible Story Bag

One thing I’ve learned over the years is to take advantage of good deals when they present themselves. Not long ago I came across one of those wonderful deals at Mardels. They had 5 different Beginner’s Bible action figure sets on sale for $1.99 a piece. I know…it’s crazy…$1.99 a piece. I bought several. In fact, I bought a whole buggy full.

The only thing to do after making such a great purchase was to figure out what to do with them. This is what I came up with:

Story Bag
Hobby Lobby sells these cute little bags that are the perfect size for the action figure sets. I ironed on a picture of the set that goes in each bag.

Story Bag
During class, the children get to reach in the big story bag and pull out a small bag.

Story Bag
Then, after interacting with the figures for a little bit, they get to tell the class the story of the set they chose.

Story Bag
This has been a very good activity for the class I am currently teaching.  The children are young and do not have a good grasp of these very basic Bible stories.  This gives me the opportunity to review (or in some cases tell for the first time) the story to the children.

Story Bag

Jonah is the only one that doesn’t fit in the little bag.  Well, Jonah fits but the big fish is really pretty big.  When the student chooses the Jonah bag, he knows to look for the big fish in the big story bag as well.

Story Bag

This the only New Testament story represented in this line of action figures.  I added the little piece of cotton to the bag to represent the cloud that Jesus was concealed in when he ascended to heaven.

Story Bag

This is the big bag that all the little bags are stored in.  It is a drawstring backpack found on the same aisle at Hobby Lobby as the little bags.  One day, I plan to iron on a big picture to the front, but in the meantime it works fine as it is.


  1. I did bags like this for VBS craft projects, only I ordered plain bags, drew outlines of enlarged Bible clip art, then had the kids color them with crayons. Crayons work very well, although you could use markers.
    Just be aware that the kids’ fingers will become marked up. (don’t use washable markers because they will… wash out!!) Also put a light cardboard piece inside to keep the colors from coming through to the back.
    REALLY, the crayons work great. Be happy to send you a pic.

    • I would love to see a picture. Can you post it here? Another option would be to let the kids draw the picture on paper, scan it in to the computer and print it on iron on transfers. I did this once for VBS on pillow cases. We were studying Samuel. Since he was called by God while asleep in bed, I figured a pillow case was appropriate. My son slept with his until there just wasn’t much of a pillow case left.


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